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We are a boutique consulting firm that helps businesses  like yours grow their efficiency and ROI through innovative marketing and IT solutions, processes, and big ideas: from a light touch marketing diagnostic to a full bloom enterprise transformation, we help leaders  find  optimized ways of operating  and empowering  their team to take the business to the next level.

As we also recognize the importance of your corporate culture and DNA , we will  identify the best plan to  take you and your teams through a journey that  also nurtures  and expands goodwill  and skills for every stakeholder.



From Technology solutions such as ERP systems, budgeting and XRM architectures to Customer Experience design & optimization or a full bloom business development strategy, each implementation delivers higher performance with same resources.


The profile of our partners combine more than 60 years of experience, across more than 20 industries, 4 continents and over 150 clients...yet we are still nurturing innovation every day and finding new apporaches that fit your unique objectives.



Be it for multinational corporations with complex brand portfolios & matrix environment or  just individually owned SMB, our approach always uncovers sources of proficiency within your organization or higher performance  and R.O.I. for your current marketing investment.

Unlike a typical management consulting army, we adapt to your corporate culture  and deliver pointed pragmatic solutions that work for your own context and specific  growth stage. 

To us, experience is more of a  higher capability  to adapt than just a repeat template.



Are you looking for this unique combination of agility, creativity, strategic vision and real world business experience ? 

Do you ever feel that you need to take a hard look at your business to take it to the next level but that your own marketing team or previous partners are too pedestrian, focused on production rather than strategy, their own billing rather than your bottom line ? 

Well, if you are neither interested in expensive, self-serving consulting partners, gimmicky digital shops nor High Tech divas , you might be ready for BrandForces:

The way we do business is driven by a unique set of these 3 drivers:

  • It's not typical consulting, rather business sense and leading edge solutions applied to a new generation of 21st century marketing led  by customer centricity & technological intelligence 

  • we bring in the right balance of innovation, tools & insight , both with hard and soft skills to complement your existing resources

  • If you are investing into a biz development or transformation effort, it only makes sense that clear target objectives -both quanti & quali.- be first defined: we work with you from the start to set-up appropriate metrics of success and measurable progress. Landmarks, benchmarks,'s a plan, a process, a transformation...



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