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We are a boutique consulting firm that helps businesses grow their efficiency and ROI through innovative and nimble marketing, Technology and process around consistent, tailored and pragmatic transformations.

Olivier J Cale
Managing Partner
Douglas T Meade
Managing Partner
Douglas Meade/ Brandforces Partner

Bringing more than 30 years of experience in operational and strategic marketing, Olivier has long practiced an innovative approach to customer strategy and brand development: with a passion for fresh thinking as well as an unrepentant dedication to ROI accountability, Olivier focuses his work on the core dynamics between a clear and powerful brand value proposition, sharp & actionable  consumer insight and a seamless omni-channel engagement that all lead to deliver lasting, mutually profitable relationships between brands and consumers...

With his successful experience as a seasoned entrepreneur following various executive corporate roles on the marketer, management consultancy and agency sides across Europe, the Americas and Asia, Olivier has helped more than 200 local and international brands generate better business performance and successful marketing transformations that stay true to your rich brand roots ans stories.

Douglas has over 25 years of experience analyzing business structures and adapting/designing I.T. solutions that minimize data clutter whilst empowering availability and sharing of valuable executive information towards more effective operations & profitable business development.

He utilizes a broad range of corporate ERP/CRM and Industry-Specific Operations Management platforms to act as an integrated repository of all relevant enterprise data to various types of users across a business organization (marketing, supply chain, accounting, HR, Biz development, Customer Service, executive management etc...) that generate better proficiency, optimization and reconciliation across common processes, people skills, and tools.

An engineer by trade, Douglas drives Technology solutions  that bring about business transformation.

Mike Kraft
CRM Architect

With 10 years experience in documenting, customizing, testing, training, and supporting Dynamics CRM. Mike is primarily focused on tailored XRM/ CRM implementations for various for sales, marketing, and customer service divisions. 
His specialties include: Project Management, Business Process Analysis, Solution Architect, Business Solution Implementation, Training Development...

Devine Jones
Project Manager

Devine ,  a certified PMP & Six Sigma, has managed more than 50 entreprise projects across more than 15 industries.She is as versed in Technology as she is in marketing, having graduated with a Masters of Science in Marketing from F.I.U...

Devine has worked for a major Cloud computing firm  as well as several V.A.R.S  out of the New York area & Florida.

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