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Customer Experience design & optimization:
Customer experience assessment and design strategy for an international hotel chain: the award-winning Hotel Chain wanted to improve its customer experience as well as optimize its segmentation and 
value based reward system across its international operations in order to improve its excellence, acquisition & retention performance. After redefinition of a single view towards better customer segmentation and profiling (stay profiles, general attitudinal criteria, customer value rating system), the calibration of optimum service levels & promotional offers (e.g. room assignment, upgrades, freebies, etc) through key moments of truth (shopping, res., check-in, check-out) served as a foundation for a new “Customer delight” strategy, staff training and a CRM central decisioning.
Full brand portfolio analysis & business development strategy of a growing international hedge fund group: we delivered a comprehensive review & analysis of sales & marketing  , client
Business Development strategy & execution:
portfolio and commercial assessment across 6 offices that generated a  new 3 year business plan , new product & service lines, a refocused value proposition & brand portfolio management  architecture  as well as Regional Sales  objectives, cross fertilization & best practice program, organizational design & revenue/budget projections.
B2B Customer analytics & segmentation:
Customer acquisition and retention analytics and segmentation of a partner network who needed to reevaluate its marketing ROI & segmentation processes across its entire Customer acquisition and 
retention strategy; propensity models were developed to identify leads most likely to convert across the customers database, value models to assess expected value of lead after conversion and identify customers most likely to respond by type of campaign message, treatment and channel...we also streamlined the campaigning processes , automatically producing customer responsiveness scores and optimal depth of communications to maximize campaign ROI.
Global earned & paid media interactive reporting system:
Design & implementation of a Global reporting system of earned + paid media performance: this global Luxury brand portfolio, investing +$50m / year in P.R.
efforts towards editorial exposure across mainstream Media and emerging digital platforms wanted to better assess  & optimize its earned Media performance  in perspective with their paid media strategies in order to better  drive and structure local + international vendors projects, budget allocation, brand messaging, P.R. staff  management…a global customized proprietary web access reporting system allowed access to specific user-generated dashboards comparatives across media, product category, market, period, etc.. Training & implementation across 3 continents with 13+ Brand managers & executive level stakeholders across 19 offices.
This global Private Real estate equity business manages more than$ 5Bn equity across 3 continents through  20 investment partnerships that were inter-related and 70
Multinational design & implementation of a central transaction repository:
investment entities in 6 different currencies and nationalities needed to systemize the operations into a consistent and fully  auditable system that was not employee dependent.
A full solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics GP product with electronic payables transactions for US and European operations included customizations for tracking loan obligations of the investment entities as well as custom software to manage the use of an operating account with individual payables accounts for each fund.  The chart of accounts was re-structured to be able to generate investment reports with ROI and other information without exporting and using spreadsheets; The foreign currency rates became consistent across all entities and transactions and not based upon the individual that was approving or entering each transaction. The implementation also included companywide training session presentations  as part of the transformation swat-team that was shared across Europe & US offices.
Entreprise analysis & redesign of a central Financial reporting system:
This $170 million non-profit, the nation’s most effective environmental action group with 1.3 million members and more than 350 lawyers, scientists and other staff had grown
through a patchwork of 5 disconnected applications  and had to overcome multiple sources of redundancy, inaccuracy & reconciliations. A single ERP system solution was designed for financial reporting, payables, grant management, project accounting, revenue/release of funds, donor reporting, payroll allocations, etc. in lieu of the many individual systems and spreadsheets, thus eliminating paper laden , manual processes, & wasted time while ensuring the integrity and transparency of the organization’s financial reporting.
Full enterprise Business transformation:
This leading edge niche business based in South-Florida serves the global yacht owners community by manufacturing  high quality , custom exterior furnishings, awnings  & upholstery for super yachts.
After 35 years of sustained growth and the recent acquisition of a competitor, this individually-owned company  needed a custom designed architecture suited to manage & streamline the entire supply chain from initial request to invoicing , generating cost reduction in sourcing & production as well as better planning & delivery time. The custom platform allowed the company to double its competitiveness and reinforce its top customer service excellence and account retention  at a time where its capacity more than tripled.
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