A few of the 80+ companies that have trusted us along the years, most of them on a continued basis...

Thanks for your support and all the things that we have learned together.

“Olivier brings a unique value and  fresh outlook, even to the  most sophisticated organization, with his omni channel customer centric drive and deep analytics skills: the optimization & innovative marketing solutions that he was able to shape up and implement yielded significant R.O.I. impact as well as a sustainable  added performance from our teams..."

Nick S., CMO

“Douglas has an absolute no non-sense , software-agnostic approach to Technology: as an architect/ engineer at the core, he  looks at your entire business organization in the way information and systems come together in helping empower the various users & stakeholders: from there, he rationalizes & streamlines the processes & tools to transform every team member's interaction with Technology and make them much more proficient at their tasks..."

Kris. A, CTO